Carson Peak Trek

Well I finally got up the nerve to attempt the hike to the summit of Carson Peak. It is a climb of 3,700′ from Silver Lake. There is only a trail for the first three miles. After you get to Spooky Meadow there are options: hike up a scree slope to the summit or leave the trail and traverse the meadow to the south, climb up a notch in the ridge, then proceed on the ridge to the summit.

When I got to Spooky Meadow I decided not to climb the scree slope because it is very steep and at the end there is some class 3 climbing. That involves hands and legs to make it through. The meadow route was clogged with large bushes and appeared to be about a mile long. I decided to continue on the Clark Lakes trail because it does climb up a ridge to another meadow where I broke trail and headed for the ridge notch. It was very difficult pushing through the bushes and walking through boulder fields, but I made it to the area below the notch. The climb up was steep but doable.

At the ridge the views were outstanding of the immediate area. From there it was an easy climb of about a mile to the top. There I had lunch, had a memorial service for my mom, and after hearing thunder got the heck off of the summit quickly.

The way back I walked along the east side of Spooky meadow which is the way to go. The total hike was between 12-14 miles and took me 8 hours, 5 on the way up and 3 down.

Carson Peak


Waterfall below Agnew Lake


Agnew Lake




Alpine meadow


Thousand Island Lake



Silver Lake


Gem Lake


Selfie from Carson Peak


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Reversed Peak hike

Today Charlie and I trekked up to the top of Reversed Peak near June Lake. I was concerned about the smoke from the Lions fire near Mammoth but the wind must have shifted today because it was crystal clear. I heard conflicting reports about the length of the hike, some saying 6 miles and some reports 9 miles. The 6 mile figure must be right because we made it the top in 2 hours which coincides with my 1.5 mph pace up steep trails. It only took an hour to get back down.

The views were fantastic, with open vistas to all of the lakes in the area except Silver Lake. The trail was mostly dirt which is in contrast to all of the rocky trails in the area. The trail alternates between steep pitches and near level open stretches. Very little shade in the first half of the trek with some nice pine and aspen groves in the upper reaches of the peak. The last pitch is very rocky. I lost the trail momentarily due to all of the boulders and at one point the ‘trail’ takes you through a rock window (see picture below).

Enjoy the pics….

June Lake


Abandoned mine near June Lake


The trail actually goes through this opening near the top of the peak.


Good shot of Grant Lake


Happy trails……………………

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Parker Lake Hike

I have wanted for several years now to hike to Parker Lake from Silver Lake instead of the official trailhead which is about 12 miles drive from here. The hike from Silver Lake goes over a tall ridge but is only 5 miles one way.

I decided to have Tammy drive me to the Parker Lake trailhead and I would hike to Parker Lake and then go the long way back home for a total of 7 miles. This would save me from the 3 mile climb from Silver Lake.

Charlie and I made it easily to Parker Lake in spite of a blustery day which made it much colder than usual. We ate lunch at the lake and then on the way back out took the fork which leads back to Silver Lake. The trail junction is signed. The trail takes you up a moderately steep slope covered with small oak trees. At the top of the ridge you look down into a valley with Aspen trees at the bottom. The trail proceeds down the slope and to the small stream crossing. After crossing the stream on the footbridge the trail forks, stay to the right. You then climb a steep slope covered with sage. After a little while the single track turns into a double track and continues like this for about 2 miles.

This is not a hike for a hot summer day as there is little shade most of the way. The upside is that the views are stunning of Mono Lake and later on Silver Lake and Carson Peak. It it also a great hike if you appreciate solitude as I only saw 3 other hikers all day and they were all at Parker Lake.

After about 3 miles you will finally reach Parker Bench and the top of the ridgeline where you are rewarded with magnificent views of June mountain and Silver Lake. The walk down to Silver Lake is a mix of open scrub land and Aspen groves.

Enjoy some pics of the hike. Next time I will take my nice camera to be able to zoom in for the distance shots and wildlife. I saw many deer on the trail and even some bear scat.

One photo is Charlie against a beautiful snow covered peak backdrop, also one of Silver lake resort and the Parker house, then a shot of Silver Lake from the top of the ridge,  a mule deer, and a pic of Grant Lake from the dirt road.

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After six years Tammy and I finally made it to Yosemite. We have talked about getting over there every summer but never made it. It is fairly close as the crow flies but it is actually a 2.5 hr drive through a very high Tioga Pass then drops back down to Yosemite valley. We wanted to go early in the season because of the greenery and full waterfalls and we were not disappointed.

It was prettier than we imagined and since it was midweek the crowds were not bad. We first had lunch in Yosemite Village then walked from there up to Lower Yosemite Falls, a very popular hike. Charlie came with us because the short paved hikes dogs are allowed on. He whined a lot today maybe because he didn’t like the long drive on twisty roads.

We intended to hike up to get a good view of Bridal Veil falls but since time was getting away from us we settled for a picture from the road.

So a very good day was had by all. We ended up eating dinner at the Whoa Nellie Cafe in Lee Vining, a very good restaurant in a gas station!

Enjoy the pics….

From top left: Frozen lake, lower Yosemite falls, Me at lower Yosemite falls,Tammy and Charlie on the boardwalk back to our car, and Bridal Veil falls.


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Working and playing at SLR

We have settled into our routine here at Silver Lake. There are 4 days of work and then 3 days off which is real nice after only having 2 days off at our last job. I am working hard keeping the resort in tip top shape as a maintenance guy. This involves plumbing leak repairs, painting, cleaning the cabins. I volunteered to service the golf carts this year as I have more experience with engines than building trades. Some carts are electric and some are gas. Tammy is clerking in the store.

Now for the play days. I have been fishing twice and only have one trout to show for it. Fishing has been slower here this year for some reason. I will keep trying to land a big one that I know are out there because I have seen several up to 7 lbs taken from Silver Lake.

Charlie and I have hiked to Agnew Lake and today we made it to Gem lake which is much prettier which you will gather from the photos below. Tammy and I hiked around Gull Lake, a 2.5 mile jaunt which we have never done before. I am so proud of Tammy.

Two of our Grandkids visited us this last weekend and they enjoyed the little getaway. They really enjoyed the cabover slide out bed area.

Well next week we plan to go into ‘town’ (Bishop) to stock up on supplies.

Gull Lake, Grandkids in overcab bunk, Agnew Lake through the trees, and a still half-frozen Gem lake.

Happy travels……………

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Silver Lake Resort

We have arrived at our summer resort job! We are excited to be back at Silver Lake Resort, a place in the High Sierras of California that we last worked for four years ago.

We were RV park hosts then but have now decided to work the ‘other’ side of the resort as Store Clerk (Tammy) and Maintenance (Rich). It gives us a chance to learn new skills in a resort environment.

One of the perks of working at Silver Lake is that we have Grandchildren close by.

The hiking and trout fishing here is fantastic so I will be involved in those activities as often as possible. In fact I went on my first real hike today to Agnew Lake. There are many destinations to hike to right from the resort without driving.

I bought some fishing lures today and am anxious to start fishing. The weather looks good for next week on one of my days off.

Tammy and I live a Blessed life and she is the main reason for my continued happiness.

Enjoy the pics:

Our site at SLR, large trout in trout pond, view of Carson Peak from boathouse

Above pics: Agnew Lake, Silver Lake, Carson Peak, waterfall

Happy camping………………………

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Tiny House in Yuma

Tammy and I are relaxing at our new tiny house in Yuma, Arizona. We call it a tiny house but it is actually called a Park Model, a small (10’x40′ max size) manufactured home designed for RV Parks, hence the term Park model. Ours is a 1984 Jayco. The main part of the house is 8’x35′ but it has 2 “tip-outs” that are 4 feet wide by about 12 feet deep. The previous owners also added an Arizona room to the side of the unit which is 7’x25′ for a grand total of about 550 square feet, so pretty tiny. It seems large to us since we have been full-time RVing in a 8.5 x 29′ motorhome (about 250 sq ft).

Our Yuma tiny house will serve as our winter home and we will use the RV to get out of the desert heat in the summer. One of the awesome things about our park is that we own the lot that our house is on so we don’t have to pay rent, just a small HOA fee which covers trash, sewer, pool, 2 jacuzzis, cable TV, park activities, and get togethers.

We have big plans for our tiny house. The basic home is sound but is in need of updating as most parts are from 1984. We plan to paint inside and out, replace all flooring, add brick fencing so Charlie has a yard, buy new furniture which in our place since it is so small will be a new double recliner. Did I mention that it was sold fully furnished and only cost about as much as a new car!

God has blessed us with this new home and we can’t wait until October to start fixing it up.

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