Little Lakes Valley – Rock Creek

Last week the weather was nice so I drove to Tom’s Place to load up on breakfast before attempting a hike to Little Lakes Valley. This is a popular hike due to the easy trail with little elevation gain to get to the Little Lakes Basin.

View up the valley from near the trailhead

It was a nice hike along a mountain stream with green meadows and many alpine lakes.

Chickenfoot Lake

All of the lakes have very clear water and I saw many fish but were small brook trout.

old car frame

It turns out that the path that I was on was an old mining road from the 1930’s.




One of the Gem Lakes, it is a real gem!








After reaching the end of the valley the road trail ascends Morgan Pass as seen in the photo below.

Then it descended to upper Morgan Lake which was lined with rocks but the next lake was a real jewel, Lower Morgan Lake with several campsites.

Lower Morgan Lake

This was my original destination but of course I couldn’t leave without trying to find evidence of a mine. So a little farther on was this old one room cabin.

The old mining camp was just a little past this cabin, next to a shallow lake and meadow.

rock foundation of an old structure

Artifacts from mining camp

From the camp on all I saw was a dirt road that climbed the steep mountain and at this point I was not prepared to see what was up there. When I got home and researched the area I discovered that this was a tungsten mine that shut down in 2001 due to cheap imports from China. All of the mine buildings are still intact and could reopen quickly if need be. This is probably due to the military’s use of tungsten in armor, bullets, and other things.

See ‘ya on the trails……………………….








About Rich Adventures with Rich and Tammy

My wife Tammy and I left the rat race to pursue our dreams of Camp Hosting fulltime in our RV at beautiful destinations across this country.
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4 Responses to Little Lakes Valley – Rock Creek

  1. guidry larry says:

    Rich; Enjoy your posts and pics. Keep it up. Larry 


  2. mallory says:

    You take amazing pictures!

  3. Aztlan Sedillo says:

    Great post. the area looks beautiful. I have a question about the trail/road… Does the road/trail look like it could be done by 4×4 Jeep? I’d be looking to take the road from Pine Creek Rd, through the mine, by the Morgan Lakes and up and over Morgan Pass to the valley. I just can’t find any information about the road… it it’s accessible… is it passable by high lift 4×4… Do you know? thanks!

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