AMAZON Camperforce

I am writing this from Fernley, Nevada, home to one of 58 Amazon Fulfillment Centers in the US and 100 worldwide. A few of them hire work campers like me to help out during the busy Christmas season. They pay for our RV site nearby and pay a decent hourly salary. There is a lot of overtime also and I plan to work as many hours as they let me.

I am a stower which means that I grab a cart loaded with hundreds of items and try to find room in the bins to stow it. The surprising thing is that we can place the items anywhere we want with the exception of books, DVDs, and CDs which have separate areas. So there is stuff everywhere mixed together but the computer knows where everything is so that the “pickers” can find it and send it to your door.

It is tiring work because I am on my feet for 10-11 hours 5 days a week. The saving grace is that the season only lasts nine weeks and I already have survived three of them. I am really getting in shape with walking 5-6 miles a day and all of the heavy lifting. After “Black Friday” when stuff starts flying off of the shelves I might be shifted to an outbound job.

Some campers have already left due to the hard work but most stick it out because they need the money.The management treats the campers very well and appreciates the hard work that we put in. I had to get used to punching a time clock and eating out of a lunch box. But the job is basically what I expected of a warehouse job.

I have met many great work campers, many of which are fulltime RVers like us who head to Arizona in the winter months. They love the lifestyle like Tammy and I do. It is a terrific life and you don’t need much money at all to get by.

It is great to have Tammy to come home to at the end of a hard day.

NOTE: This is Amazon’s last year in Fernley as the warehouse is moving to Reno. It is not known whether that location will utilize campers in the future and the next nearest facility that does is in Tennessee. So I might have to find employment elsewhere next fall.

Well, that’s it for the updates………Everyone take care and God Bless……………….


About Rich Adventures with Rich and Tammy

My wife Tammy and I left the rat race to pursue our dreams of Camp Hosting fulltime in our RV at beautiful destinations across this country.
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2 Responses to AMAZON Camperforce

  1. fandgmar says:

    So good to see you are doing well. We worked at Amazon in KY The first year we worked 22 weeks with lots of overtime. The 2nd year we didn’t work quite as many weeks- I think 18 weeks. It is hard work but the pay is good especially since we both worked there. Do you have a phone number so we can catch up easier? Or even a regular e-mail address would be great. Great we are keeping in touch. Any chance you come to our area so we can see the both of you? Francoise and Gary.

    Sent from my iPhone Francoise Maricle


    • Wow, 22 weeks. You guys must have been beat when you finished up there. There is a possibility that we will try the Tennessee location next year but we have to take the gas expense into consideration. But I would like to see that part of the country. I just sent you an email.

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