Road Trip to California

The 2015 adventure begins!!!

The trip from Houston to Green Valley has begun. The first leg of the trip was designed to head to Denver to visit family there, a 1000 mile odyssey. So we departed rainy Houston and headed north. The rain followed us to Bowie where it came down so hard that we had to stop and pray that no one would hit us. We took the right exit from the highway and found the RV park for the night. We recently joined a discount campground  club, Passport America where you receive 50% off at participating parks. It is a great deal.

The second night was at a city Park in Dalhart, Texas on a lake.

The third day the Jeep would not start, I found a mallet and hit the starter and it started. Whew, that was a close one.

To be continued……………………….

Since we were going to be in Denver for a few days and could work on the car there we decided to keep going and as long as we did not shut off the engine we should be okay. I had to gas up the jeep with the engine running so I was very careful.

We breezed up to the Denver area and we got to “camp” on the street for a week. They let us plug into their electricity and since our tanks were okay we were happy.

Pictures of the family in Denver:

FB_IMG_1427508367076 FB_IMG_1427508389352

Johann helped me replace the starter on the Jeep so it is now road ready again.  He has a garage full of tools and loves to work on cars so that was a big help. For $65 I bought the one with a lifetime warranty. What a deal.

Our other concern was how much, if any, water damage the popup sustained from the torrential rains. We set it up in their side yard and were pleased to discover that it only had minor water damage. I used a bleach solution to clean up the floor. There is a musty smell from the canvas tent but, hey, all canvas tents develop musty smells from water stains so we are glad that we will be able to use it this summer on our little camping getaways from work.

On Friday our little caravan (Miss Sea View, Mr. Cherokee, and Little Coleman) will be headed south to New Mexico and Arizona to visit friends and to seek out new Rich Adventures on our way to California.


About Rich Adventures with Rich and Tammy

My wife Tammy and I left the rat race to pursue our dreams of Camp Hosting fulltime in our RV at beautiful destinations across this country.
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