Laughlin dinner cruise

There is a 2 hour dinner dinner cruise on the Colorado river that we have known about for several years but never got the chance to experience it. Well, this trip we did it.

They start out at the Aquarias casino boat dock so we were walking on the gangplank getting ready to board when Tammy shouts that there is a raccoon coming towards us. I look ahead of us and sure enough an adult raccoon was a few feet away so we backup as far as we are can to let it pass. A woman behind us screams and runs back the way she came. It was pretty funny, somehow the little critter managed to get in the river.

Captain Bob was the skipper and it appeared he had captained a boat many times before so we were in good hands. The food was delicious, we both had the salmon. Pricing was reasonable. The boat didn’t go very far, just up to a bridge and then back downstream to the end of town. The water is very clear and you can see the bottom of the river.

Another wonderful Rich Adventure………………………..

Tomorrow we head to another location to discover more about this amazing planet that we live on……………

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Beautiful weather here in northwest Arizona. Most days in the 70’s and some in the 80’s. Just enjoying the peace and quiet by the lake before we have to go to work in late April up in the mountains.

Visited and old gold mining town today, Oatman, which was named after a woman Olive Oatman who was held captive by the Mojave indians for 6 years. The gold mined here was used to support out forces during World War I. Now it is strictly a town for the tourists with multiple gift shops, restaurants, mock gun fights, and burros wandering the streets. It was another wonderful Rich Adventure….

Enjoy the pics….No they didn’t throw me in jail for feeding the Burros.

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Lake Mohave camping

Well we liked the campground and scenery so much at Lake Mohave that we are still here. Campers can stay up to 30 days. We are now officially Arizonians! We went to the MVD office and registered the RV and car, and applied for driver’s licenses. Way cheaper than California. They used to give you your DL right then but now they mail them, so one of us (Tammy) will drive down to Yuma in a couple of weeks to pick them up.

A few days ago I hiked to Katherine Mine with Charlie and walked around the ruins of the mill site. There is a large section that is fenced off that appear to be the tailings area (maybe unstable land due to mud/sand?). Looks like Charlie is contemplating jumping into the cool water….

Drove to an old mining town of Chloride near Kingman to check it out. Not much was going on but they have a parade planned for ST. Patrick’s Day. Some weekends they have mock shootouts in the old town area. Is that Tammy bartending in the Dead Ass Saloon?

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Beautiful lake camping

Next camping location for us is at a beautiful campground that is very inexpensive. It has several amenities that we had to drive to the nearest town to get before. Amenities like a dump station, laundry room, clean bathrooms, showers, small store, and I just found out that they have free WiFi after we had been here a week. Yes! All for only $10 a night.

We even have a view of the lake from our campsite. There are many hiking trails for Charlie and I to explore. Wild burros from the old mining days roam the area.

Check out the beach area, no crowds here.

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Off the Grid ranch

While staying in Havasu we took a side trip into the mountains east of Kingman to visit a ‘Ranch’ that it totally unique and off-the-grid. The owner has done almost all of the work himself, wrapping an old trailer, putting a 5th wheel across from it, building a pirate ship for his son, and so much more. The are is 4800′ in elevation so much cooler than much of Arizona in the summer and does get some snow in winter but not a lot.

Enjoy the pictures…….

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Lake Havasu

After spending a few days in Quartzsite where we stayed in a park with full hookups (what a luxury!) visiting the various swap meets we again hit the road and landed at Lake Havasu. I had read about a boondocking spot a few miles north of the city so I pulled in where I saw some other RVers and waited for Tammy to catch up to me. As it tuned out I missed the turnoff to the BLM wash and was at a former mining area. It looked interesting so we decided to stay a few days.

Charlie and I went on various hikes to explore the area. There were many ATV roads there, we saw many caves, some deer and even a unique way for a homeless person to camp in a free area (see the picture of the cave with a tent in it).

A cool cave that extended about 20 feet into a rock.

If you look carefully at the next picture you can see the tent in a cave near the top of the formation.

Our site near Havasu.


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KOFA Wildlife Refuge

Tammy and I have spent the three days at a wildlife refuge outside of Yuma. It was a great spot with very few other campers nearby. I didn’t drive to far in on the dirt road because the cholla cactus gets really bad. Charlie gets the cholla balls stuck in his feet pads and they are like needles and very hard to get out.

There was a good hike here to a palm grove, the only California palm tree grove in Arizona. It was a short hike but of course I made it longer by crossing the canyon floor and climbing the other side to get up to the palm trees. Many times hikers spot Bighorn sheep but again I struck out.

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